Too Much Trivia in the Pants

Put Emphasis on Our Name!

§ Sunday, January 26, 2003 @ 3:33 PM

We've been trying desperately to get our name read on the air with some amount of cool emphasis, but thus far we have been unsuccessful. Who do we have to suck off? C'mon, WE'RE the one's who started the act of yelling Skull Squadron's name, but nobody will take the initiative to start doing something similar for us. Grrr... we rule, but I think everyone else is just jealous.


Eight syllables is a tough one... shouting a couple (two, three, four) is much easier.
How about an acronym? Shorten it to TMT? You could probably train them to pull off "TMT" in three low and powerful grunts.

Rock on, and good luck guys!

You have a good point. A few years back when people actually remembered the song and the commercial they would sing it sometimes, but now these Lawrence kids are getting to be too young maybe. We'll keep rockin' though. Good luck right back at ya'!

That would be another approach... record a promo cart (sing a little diddy and burn it to disc)... if it's catchy, it may stick. Also, if you can afford to send phone answerers down, they can sing it every time you get a question right and brainwash everyone into submission.

Ah yes, numbers... that has been a problem at times this year. We currently have one down there, which is really one more than we can afford, but on the other hand, he's supposed to be picking up Lawrence women.

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