Too Much Trivia in the Pants

What the Hell?!

§ Sunday, January 26, 2003 @ 8:58 PM

The Stupid Guy stopped by the WLFM station looking for hot women, was promised women, and even bore a gift, yet was given no women. What kind of women-trafficking operation are those trivia masters running?


wow, so im pretty sure that the "hot women" that you mention had something to do with me so id just like to clear that up. first of all, no one was promised any women. i highly disagree with this idea cause never have i been promised men OR women and this makes me sad. second of all, the man that came to collect women was wearing a sweatervest. this look never works if you are not indeed a lesbian. third, i apologize if you failed in your guest for hot loving, but "what's your opinion on concentual anal rape?" is not a great pickup line, even at trivia. in following years, i suggest something more like "hey, you wanna have hot sex while listening to africa by toto?"

In my intrigue to see if this comment is legit, I would like to call you out and point out the fact that I was the one who came with the cd, and I own no sweatervests. I'm sure that after two days of trivia I probably looked quite dirty in my hooded sweatshirt, but there were no sweatervests involved. As for the concentual anal rape, hey, when you've had as much to drink as I usually do, it all sounds good. No, you see the point is that Too Much Trivia in the Pants has put out the call to the trivia masters for women every year that we've been in existence, yet we've been denied every year. In fact, there was only one year in which we even achieved getting a trivia master to mention it on the air. Perhaps next year we'll have to send down more representation.

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