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Dealing with Dial-up

§ Tuesday, January 24, 2006 @ 11:43 AM

GM Stratton is back with some good news for those still using dial-up (like, say, MY PARENTS):

Good news for dial-up

January 23, 2006

That's right, we've benn able to ensure that dial-up users can connect during Trivia weekend. During the contest we will lower the stream levels so that even slower connections should be able to access Trivia. Of course, higher speed connections will still be able hold a connection better, so we highly recommend your team use a broadband connection to connect to WLFM.

Elsewhere, he's also asking that "no more than one computer per household (or per team) connect at one time. This will help reduce congestion and hopefully improve everyone's ability to tune in." While this is a very noble and honest request on the part of our beloved Grand Master, there are only two MAJOR problems with this. The first is that there is no way to patrol this request, making this potentially the new "jamming". The second problem is that every team would be stupid to only connect using one computer (unless, of course, they only have one computer). If the connection starts buffering or the webcast is somehow otherwise lost, there goes the possibility of answering that question. No, every team is certainly going to need at least one back-up connection, so let's hope they took this into account.

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