Too Much Trivia in the Pants

It Has Begun

§ Saturday, January 26, 2008 @ 6:03 PM

It started with 2Girls1Cup, and now the search is on for Shaved Wookie Porn....


and if only it would have ended there...

Why don't you guys just shave Squishy and film one?

The Squish couldn't make it this year. Too Much Trivia in the Pants is Squishy-less this year. :(

That sucks. Currently at home myself so NUDGE is cheechless >

1girl1pitcher all the way (although 2 girls1finger is still the worst)

Good luck, 2mtitp! We (Autistic Kids) had you in our sights for a long time, but with only 4 members we're all falling asleep. :(

Yeah, I think everyone is quickly starting to tire around here as well. Numbers are starting to dwindle, but I think we'll be okay.

I have full confidence in all of you... with Lucky Guess retired and Bank declaring this (likely) their last year, you guys are poised to be the new steady champs!

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