Too Much Trivia in the Pants


§ Sunday, January 25, 2009 @ 1:26 AM

We’re still having fun — don’t get me wrong — but a few things are a little frustrating this year. For one, the extremes in volume between the music and the trivia masters’ microphones is pretty annoying. Our volume control is getting quite the workout this weekend. And second, we don’t want to sound like jerks, but there is one very specific trivia master this year who, well, is pretty much intolerable. He is rude to those who come down to answer phones, he is rude to off-campus teams, he is rude to teams calling in with answers, and we can never understand what he says when he’s reading off questions and answers. Oh, and he was quite rude and most unhelpful on the complaint line. Whatever. Anyway, we’re still having fun.


Are you referring to the ambiguously gay vocalist, or the other dude?

What ambiguity? We have also had people down answering phones almost the entire contest, but no recognition. None. They stopped the contest now after our three phone answerers, who had been down there for SIX HOURS, decided to leave. And do we get recognition for having had half our team down there answering for six hours? Nope. Mention everyone else, but not us. Whatever. And we've had soooo many questions this year that either we called in with the right answer and thought we had credit only for the phone answerer not to write us down (and, hence, we found out hours later that we indeed had not received credit), or else we called in with the right answer, were told we were wrong, and then the phone answereers deny ever having talked to us. Annoying and frustrating. Anyway, we’re still doing our thing and getting by. And I still have not slept.

Get the Stereo Tool 3.40 Plugin for Winamp off of there website. Set it for Preset "Constant Volume". It's what we've been using and it's worked great.

We’ll have to check that out — thanks.

No prob.

Agreed on the points issue. We've lost 30-40 points easy through negligent note taking.

Yeah, I heard later from some of our team members who were down answering phones that this was a problem for lots of off-campus teams this year. Between negligent note taking and a certain former trivia master who was said to have become quite intoxicated while answering phones (but none of the current trivia masters would kick him out because, well, he is a former trivia master), there were all kinds of problems. Now, don’t get me wrong — our team is quite notorious for answering phones will intoxicated — but at least our people can handle their booze.

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