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§ Saturday, January 1, 2011 @ 7:03 PM

Happy New Year from Los Pantalones!

For all of you followers of The Pants who tried to visit this site in about the last eleven months, you already know that the site was down for the better part of that time. The reason for this is that I transitioned our blog from Movable Type 4.38 to MT 5.01 after trivia back in February, and Six Apart totally changed all of their code with the new release, which messed up our blog. I have slowly been getting the site back online recently, and most of it seems to be functioning properly except for the comments, which I am hoping to have back up and running well in advance of the start of trivia less than four weeks from now. Thanks for visiting, and we hope you will check in with us again during this year’s contest.

UPDATE: After lots of experimentation, it would appear that the comments are now working again. I’ll leave the comments open and active on this entry so others can experiment and see if the comments are working for them, too. Feel free to leave a comment here (keep it clean!) to let me know if the comments are working for you. Thx!


Here is my test comment. It seems to be working for me now -- how about you?

It works for me too!

Sweet action. I think the site should be completely back up and running now for trivia … and it only took eleven months!

Man, when's trivia gonna be ON again? I gotsta gets ma fix fo I lose ma mind!

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