Too Much Trivia in the Pants
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About Us

Who We Are

We are Too Much Trivia in the Pants—a collective of current and former “townies,” significant others of said townies, friends of friends of townies, strangers who just really love trivia, and drunks who stumbled in at bar close expecting an after-bar. Though some individual team members have been playing longer, together we have participated as an off- campus team in Lawrence University’s annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest each year since 1998, which means that Trivia LVI in 2021 marked our twenty-fourth consecutive year of participation in the contest.

The story of our origin reads like the story of so many off-campus teams participating in this contest. We were just a group of wide-eyed and ambitious high school friends, armed with a phone and an almanac, and hell-bent on trivial domination. Reality set in quickly when, following the Super Garruda that opened Trivia XXXIII, we correctly answered only one more question in the next several hours, the answer to which, amazingly, was found in said almanac. Like everybody else these days we eventually got wise and started to favor the Interwebs over that almanac as our chief source for answers to those dastardly trivia masters’ convoluted queries. Some may claim that Google ruined trivia contests, but when the alternative is only a handful of teams able to afford libraries of reference books we would argue that Al Gore’s invention leveled the playing field for all.

Placement History

To the best of our knowledge, recorded below is the final point total and placement history of our team. In those earlier years point totals and places were not published online like they are now but rather were read over the air, so we cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of the results.

1998360 points15th place
1999270 pointsunknown
2000320 points22nd place
2001770 points13th place
20021005 points9th place
20031140 points8th place
2004990 points10th place
2005872 points11th place
2006745 points13th place
20071145 points5th place
2008980 points6th place
20091045 points7th place
2010845 points10th place
2011935 points9th place
2012925 points7th place
20131095 points3RD PLACE!
20141080 points4th place
20151134 points4th place
20161101 points5th place
20171115 points7th place
2018905 points9th place
20191185 points7th place
20201265 points8th place
20211385 points7th place

Our Trophy Case

Our 2013 3rd Place Trophy
Here is our trophy for finishing in third place in the 2013 contest. Unfortunately, the trophy consisted chiefly of a giant block of cream cheese, making it impossible to save or display.

How We Chose Our Team Name

The name Too Much Trivia in the Pants is a testament to the pop culture ephemera of the team’s conception in 1997. For you kids too young to remember, the name is a parody of Soundmaster T’s “2 Much Booty (In The Pants)”, which was featured prominently in the commercials for “Booty Mix 2”, a compilation CD released in 1997. Many different ideas were thrown around — such as Joel Edler’s House of Cards sponsored by Jehovah’s Witness Abdominizer Orchestra and Roid-Ex — before finalizing on TMTitP, but there has never been any question in the subsequent years whether we should make a change. Changing our name would mean losing our identity, so Too Much Trivia in the Pants is who we are, and Too Much Trivia in the Pants is who we shall remain (even though there are probably now Lawrence freshmen who weren’t even born yet when the album was released and so will never get the reference).

About the Great Midwest Trivia Contest

We could wax poetic about the merits of the contest, regale you with stories of shutout carts of yore, and attempt an abbreviated history of the contest’s first five decades, but those who have come before have done it better. For an explanation of the contest, a list of rules, and a rather extensive history, check out any of the various websites included on our links page. We would also highly recommend searching for “trivia” in the Lawrentian archives.

The Requisite Plaudits

The team members of Too Much Trivia in the Pants wish to thank our sponsors, our parents, Lawrence University & WLFM, all the people associated with running this year’s trivia contest, Trivia LVI Head Master Grace Krueger, the other teams, the inventors of Solar Quest, all the beautiful ladies (and studly hunks) of the planet Earth, and, of course, all of our current and former hosts, without whom we’d have been left playing each year in a cardboard box in front of Lawrence Chapel with a battery-operated transistor radio (pre-Internet-only days, of course) and a pay phone.

Our Humble Apologies

We would also at this time like to extend our apologies to the poor Lawrence students answering off-campus phones who put up with our stupid shenanigans all weekend long; the not-so-poor members of fellow off-campus teams who get stuck putting up with our shenanigans while answering off-campus phones when the contest gets desperate for phone answerers in the lean hours; the unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your way of looking at it) members of any team who happen to be answering phones when Duff Man, The Count, or The Bear F*cker have invaded the WLFM studios; and anyone who has ever fallen victim to one of our merry pranks. We’re sorry!

Contact Information

Please direct all questions, comments, and media inquiries to