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No Sleep

§ Sunday, January 30, 2005 @ 10:15 AM

I'm still rocking on zero sleep this weekend. We were briefly down to 2-1/2 (Corey is here and awake, but working on homework). Matt woke up shortly thereafter to join Squishy, Corey, and I, and we're actually doing okay at the moment.

The trivia masters want phone answers. We only have 4 people at the moment, so it hardly seems feasible. Thanks to Skull Squadron for pledging a person to send down, but the request for a counter offer from the other teams by the masters seems strange. There are 64 registered teams. If every team sent at least one person, we'd have 64 phone answerers. Just a thought.

Despite our numbers, we've considered pledging 5 people. A quick phone call to COTS could round up 5 new teammates willing to take the free food and tote bags. So, we ask you trivia masters, do you want Too Much Trivia in the Pants to round up five new team members from COTS to make honorary team members and come down to answer phones? A phone call can get you covered....

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Hey good luck guys, I'll be checkin the score from Pre Played...Hey, I'm on 3 hours of sleep!!!! YEAH!

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