Too Much Trivia in the Pants

Making a Murderer—Lost Footage

§ Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 9:34 PM

This was our third-place-winning entry for the off-campus sci-fi action question. Unfortunately, apparently not one single trivia master has seen “Making a Murderer” so they didn’t really get it, but they still gave us third place, so we won’t complain too much.

Epic Political Rap Battle Video

§ Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 8:15 PM

This was our second-place-winning entry for the off-campus rap battle action question. Patrick (“Bernie”) came up with the whole concept and scripted both sides. Props, Bernie.

Captain Hamerica!

§ Sunday, January 31, 2016 @ 12:58 PM

This was our second-place-winning entry in the off-campus Mask Hour action question. We had the patriotic bandannas already, so all it took was a little porcine inspiration to reach the pun. A package of sliced ham from Walgreens and a Captain America sweater fished out of the hamper later and we had our entry.

Two Days!

§ Wednesday, January 27, 2016 @ 3:07 PM

We’re down under 55 hours now until the start of GMTC51, and Larry U just dropped their annual press release. Not bad, not bad, but I do have to take umbrage at one particular sentence: “It goes without saying, though, no one will be able to answer a single question off the top of their head.” How dare you, sir, how dare you? Them’s fightin’ words! There’s at least one question every year which somebody on the team knows off the top of their head, and it’s always a triumphal moment of pride when that person gets to exclaim, “Oh shit, I know that! It’s…” (Unless, of course, what you’re saying is that everyone will know at least two answers off the top of their heads. We can get behind that statement.) C’mon, man, it’s trivia—it’s all about knowing random stuff you’re not supposed to know. But it’s okay—we still love you!

» Trivia Time: Lawrence sets the bar when it comes to all things obscure, inconsequential [Lawrence University News]

Newbies Not Wanted

§ Sunday, January 24, 2016 @ 8:54 AM

That’s the message to potential new trivia players in this year’s Post-Crescent article. Brilliant! A choice nugget:

Maybe you’ve played Trivial Pursuit with the family? Or team trivia games at a bar? This is nothing like that. At all.

Since its inception in 1966, the Great Midwest Trivia Contest has received national attention from the likes of Playboy, the New York Times and ABC’s “Good Morning America.” You don’t get that kind of press by asking questions about best-selling albums or NFL rushing records. This annual endeavor is made up of elaborate, multi-layered mysteries that can only be found in the deepest corners of the Internet or in primary source materials. Novice Googlers need not apply.

So, is he wrong? Technically, no, though it’s a stretch to claim that “elaborate, multi-layered mysteries that can only be found in the deepest corners of the Internet” are the reason Trivia was written about in Playboy.

What’s missing from this year’s article is the human perspective. Oh, there are a few quotes from Grand Master Jon, but there’s no mention of the teams that play or why they play or that playing trivia as a team is about much more than spending 50 hours straight on Google.

No offense to the author—he tried—but he also missed the point. So let’s try this again: Play trivia! Do you like Trivial Pursuit or bar trivia games? You just might love Trivia! Novice Googler? You just might love Trivia! Couldn’t care less about trivial knowledge or searching for answers? You still might just love Trivia! You’ll never know unless you try it. No, trivia isn’t for everyone, but let’s not discourage people from even trying.

See y’all next weekend!

» How absurd: Lawrence trivia contest returns [Post-Crescent]

This Team is Getting Old

§ Saturday, January 9, 2016 @ 2:00 AM

Not us, mind you, just the team.

Sure, so the contest is hitting its 51st birthday this year, and we have nothing on that, but it still occurred to me earlier this evening that our team is more than half my age—this actually happened already last year, but I wasn’t really paying attention to mortality,— a milestone which will never go back in my (our) favor. Basically, I can’t believe that Too Much Trivia in the Pants is only a year away from our twentieth contest. Has it been that long?! I certainly wouldn’t have believed it if the evidence weren’t there.


We’re less than three weeks away now—stay safe, y’all!


The Cat Light

§ Wednesday, January 6, 2016 @ 10:10 PM

Just kinda thought this video needed to make its way onto the blog as well…

(Note: If you’re not signed in to Facebook the video probably won’t display and you’ll just see an error message.)

The New Website is Here! The New Website is Here!

§ Wednesday, January 6, 2016 @ 9:40 PM

Hello all!

Well, here we are—the new website is live. It’s lighter, it’s brighter, and it’s completely redesigned. I hope you like it! Since the previous design had been in use since 2007 (can you believe it has been that long?!) I would say it was about time for a redesign.

Probably the biggest change in terms of content is the exclusion of our current score, which was a feature of our website ever since the very first version debuted in time for the 2000 contest. So, where did it go? Or, rather, WHY did it go? In short, it was a feature that had outlived its usefulness. When we first started posting our score to the site one had to actually listen to the contest in its entirety to perhaps catch an update on our score. Since we were keeping score anyway, it wasn’t a big deal to go ahead and post an update to the site whenever we got a chance. However, this is 2016, and for several years now the trivia masters have been posting the scores for all the teams online in the form of a downloadable spreadsheet instead of reading them over the air. Since posting our own score updates online is just overkill, it has been axed on our new site. C’est la vie. The rest is still here, but totally redesigned and updated and modernized for 2016. Woohoo!

And in case you aren’t actually following along at home, trivia is only 23 days away, so get your vacation bids in if you haven’t already. If you’re a team member on our mailing list keep an eye on your inbox, and everyone else keep an eye on our Facebook page, as we’ll be sending out the annual pre-trivia email and soliciting your input in making our plans.



A New Update

§ Friday, January 1, 2016 @ 10:55 AM

Happy 2016, y’all!

If any of you happened to read the blog post I published yesterday, please disregard its content. If you didn’t, you didn’t really miss anything. The gist of what I wrote was a rant about Movable Type, WordPress, and the future of this blog. I don’t regret the post, but after some time to contemplate the future of this blog I have determined that the message was not fully accurate. So it’s gone.

Here’s what you really need to know. First of all, Trivia LI is only four weeks away! Yes, really, so plan accordingly. We are returning this year, same place, same time. Watch for updates on our Facebook page and/or the annual pre-trivia email coming soon. Second, I am in the process of redesigning this website, and the updated site will be finished soon. And third, in the process of redesigning the site I had to reconsider the purpose of this blog. It’s a long story, which was all explained in yesterday’s rant, but ultimately not that important. Anyway, the conclusion I came to is that this blog will continue to exist and get updated, but mostly for the purpose of conveying important information and/or news about the team and the contest. As such, I am no longer concerned about the fact that the commenting system does not work because we have better ways to interact with you through our social media presence. So that’s that.

I look forward to seeing you all four weeks from today!

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