Too Much Trivia in the Pants

Newbies Not Wanted

§ Sunday, January 24, 2016 @ 8:54 AM

That’s the message to potential new trivia players in this year’s Post-Crescent article. Brilliant! A choice nugget:

Maybe you’ve played Trivial Pursuit with the family? Or team trivia games at a bar? This is nothing like that. At all.

Since its inception in 1966, the Great Midwest Trivia Contest has received national attention from the likes of Playboy, the New York Times and ABC’s “Good Morning America.” You don’t get that kind of press by asking questions about best-selling albums or NFL rushing records. This annual endeavor is made up of elaborate, multi-layered mysteries that can only be found in the deepest corners of the Internet or in primary source materials. Novice Googlers need not apply.

So, is he wrong? Technically, no, though it’s a stretch to claim that “elaborate, multi-layered mysteries that can only be found in the deepest corners of the Internet” are the reason Trivia was written about in Playboy.

What’s missing from this year’s article is the human perspective. Oh, there are a few quotes from Grand Master Jon, but there’s no mention of the teams that play or why they play or that playing trivia as a team is about much more than spending 50 hours straight on Google.

No offense to the author—he tried—but he also missed the point. So let’s try this again: Play trivia! Do you like Trivial Pursuit or bar trivia games? You just might love Trivia! Novice Googler? You just might love Trivia! Couldn’t care less about trivial knowledge or searching for answers? You still might just love Trivia! You’ll never know unless you try it. No, trivia isn’t for everyone, but let’s not discourage people from even trying.

See y’all next weekend!

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