Too Much Trivia in the Pants
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Below are our photos from the 2000–2011 contests. Since 2012 we have been posting our photos from the contest to our various social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Photo CaptionPhotog
Stack of soon to remain unused booksTMTitP
Empty livingroom Friday nightTMTitP
Dave W. and Zak in the livingroom early in the contestTMTitP
Some of Zak’s friends hanging out in the livingroomTMTitP
No Smoking!TMTitP
Erik (Squishy), Trixie, and Dave W. huddled around the computerTMTitP
Jeff playing video gamesTMTitP
Trixie early Sunday morningTMTitP


Photo CaptionPhotog
Base of operations early Friday eveningTMTitP
Carrie awaiting the arrival of teammatesTMTitP
Tony jumping for joyCarrie
Errr… Matt N. and Tony get reacquaintedCarrie
Tony - surprise!Carrie
Corey all relaxed ‘n’ shitTMTitP
Tony all pris and prim and ready to partyTMTitP
Amelia watches Annemarie watch the camera while Carrie and Matt N. plot Tony’s downfallTMTitP
Dave W., Matt N., 40’s … no more explanation necessaryCarrie
Kristopher and Zak hittin’ the phonesCarrie
Matt N. and Corey kickin’ assCarrie
Just a few of the consumed cans of sodaTMTitP
The real fuel behind this year’s fireTMTitP


Photo CaptionDay + TimePhotog
Molly, Missy, and Matt P.Friday 8:32 pmTMTitP
A clean kitchenFriday 8:35 pmTMTitP
Nick on the phoneFriday 9:45 pmTMTitP
Trixie and Nick’s sister Dana with a block of cheeseFriday 9:50 pmTMTitP
Dana and Matt P.Friday 10:06 pmTMTitP
Trixie and ShaneFriday 10:07 pmTMTitP
Squishy, Zak, and MissySaturday 2:02 amTMTitP
Molly, Trixie, and Eric (Cheech)Saturday 2:02 amTMTitP
Matt P. and BobSaturday 7:09 amTMTitP
NickSaturday 7:09 amTMTitP
CheechSaturday 8:56 amTMTitP
Shane and TrixieSaturday 1:33 pmTMTitP
Dave S. caught off-guard with a bagelSaturday 5:32 pmTMTitP
Squishy and TrixieSaturday 5:33 pmTMTitP
Matt P. and Ben M.Saturday 8:12 pmTMTitP
Dave S. and SquishySaturday 8:17 pmTMTitP
Missy, Matt P., (?), Trixie, and BobSaturday 8:59 pmTMTitP
Rana, Matt P., and MollySunday 6:50 amTMTitP
CheechSunday 6:50 amTMTitP
Ben M.Sunday 6:51 amTMTitP
Zak gives Gabrial a beerSunday 3:16 pmTMTitP
Empty cases of Mountain DewSunday 5:36 pmTMTitP
Dirty KitchenSunday 5:37 pmTMTitP
Molly keeping scoreSunday 6:42 pmTMTitP
Trixie and CheechSunday 6:42 pmTMTitP
Missy and (?)Sunday 9:15 pmTMTitP
Nick’s little accidentSunday 10:12 pmTMTitP
Dana and ZakSunday 10:13 pmTMTitP
Zak smokin’Sunday 10:35 pmTMTitP
Zak on the phoneSunday 10:38 pmTMTitP
Ben M. and Squishy bustin’ a gutSunday 10:45 pmTMTitP
Rana, Ben M., and SquishySunday 10:46 pmTMTitP
Squishy and AndrewMonday 12:00 amTMTitP
Missy, Rana, Zak, Amy, and DanaMonday 12:00 amTMTitP
Matt P. beginning recoveryMonday 1:09 amTMTitP
CoreyMonday 1:09 amTMTitP
ThorpedoMonday 3:12 pmTMTitP
Nick’s sis Dana with cheeseMolly
Matt P. bustin’ a grooveMolly
Kristopher at computerMolly
A whole slew of the crewMolly
Trixie and Dave S. with GabrialMolly
Awe… Dana and ZakMolly
Kristopher passed out on the couchMolly


Photo CaptionPhotog
Dave S. checking out Carrie’s computerTMTitP
Molly not expecting a flashTMTitP
Dave S. getting excited by triviaTMTitP
Blake seeks the answersTMTitP
Matt N. is exuberant about Corey’s arrivalTMTitP
Corey kicks back with a beerTMTitP
Yeah, got that one!TMTitP
Mark joins in the actTMTitP
Zak helps himself to the beerTMTitP
Zak, Corey, and Dave S. debate that last oneTMTitP
Dave S. sportin’ this year’s trivia t-shirtTMTitP
Ben F. possessed by the trivia godsTMTitP
Dave S. tries to catch a little sleepTMTitP
Corey also tries to sleepTMTitP
Molly still going strongTMTitP
The elusive Carrie snapping a photo of meTMTitP
Matt N. gettin’ down to the musicTMTitP
Erin and Sarah S. with the bunnyTMTitP
Corey and Dave S. share a sensitive momentTMTitP
Zak kickin’ assTMTitP
Squishy sportin’ the official PantsTMTitP
One-half of the chair that broke under Dave S. during Mean HourTMTitP
The other half of the chairTMTitP
Squishy smashes the chair over his headTMTitP
Peter getting caught upTMTitP


Photo CaptionDay + TimePhotog
Carrie killing time between questionsSaturday 12:12 amTMTitP
Matt N. finds the wait a ‘drag’Saturday 12:39 amTMTitP
Plenty of computers, but few peopleSaturday 12:39 amTMTitP
Dave S. returns with a ton of foodSaturday 12:41 amTMTitP
Corey joins inSaturday 12:54 amTMTitP
Paul, Karen, and Carrie hard at work on this oneSaturday 1:18 amTMTitP
Matt N. and the birdySaturday 1:18 amTMTitP
Corey, is that an answer you’re seeking?Saturday 1:18 amTMTitP
Dave S. returns againSaturday 1:18 amTMTitP
Dave S. acquires more foodSaturday 1:38 amTMTitP
Erik P. (aka Harry Butter) makes an appearanceSaturday 2:39 amTMTitP
Erik P. trying to snort the sodaSaturday 4:14 amTMTitP
Paul watches the screenSaturday 4:15 amTMTitP
What’s up Benny?Saturday 5:40 amTMTitP
Erik P. playing pool onlineSaturday 5:40 amTMTitP
Paul looks on as Ben F. seeks an answerSaturday 7:06 amTMTitP
Corey on the laptopSaturday 8:15 amTMTitP
Corey takes a napSaturday 9:06 amTMTitP
Dave S. leaving to go home and sleepSaturday 9:06 amTMTitP
Karen rests her eyes between questionsSaturday 9:07 amTMTitP
Now Corey is really outSaturday 10:41 amTMTitP
Paul and Matt N. are barely awakeSaturday 12:54 pmTMTitP
Mountain Dew fuels Jeff and Matt N.Saturday 4:52 pmTMTitP
Even Furby needs a smoke and Leinie’s to stay awakeSaturday 10:05 pmTMTitP
Dave S. and Molly running a searchSunday 5:24 amTMTitP
Erik P. re-institutes the tradition of the 40Sunday 5:24 amTMTitP
Corey searches as Jeff powers upSunday 5:24 amTMTitP
Molly does Oregon Hour aloneSunday 8:56 amTMTitP
So many computers, so few peopleSunday 11:10 amTMTitP
Just the cat, but he uses a different mouseSunday 11:11 amTMTitP
Dave S. starting to lose energySunday 10:52 pmTMTitP
Corey and Dave S. analyze Toto’s “Africa” played in reverseSunday 11:46 pmTMTitP
This is for my homies who couldn’t be hereMonday 12:18 amTMTitP
Computer screens by nightMolly
Cat crawls on Kristopher as he sleepsMolly
Usagi naps on Kristopher’s duffleMolly
Kristopher emerges from his slumberMolly


Photo CaptionDay + TimePhotog
The War Room before the madnessThursday 8:55 pmTMTitP
J.B. deRosset and Kristopher at the Trivia XL birthday partyFriday 8:48 pmTMTitP
JillFriday 10:46 pmTMTitP
ZakFriday 10:49 pmTMTitP
Dave S. searchingFriday 11:25 pmTMTitP
Hey MontyFriday 11:33 pmTMTitP
Look out for Dave S.Friday 11:34 pmTMTitP
(?) and JillFriday 11:34 pmTMTitP
Zak and HomerFriday 11:47 pmTMTitP
Dave S. laughs while Matt N. phones one inFriday 11:54 pmTMTitP
Zak and (?)Saturday 12:07 amTMTitP
Kevin arrivesSaturday 12:07 amTMTitP
Corey sets up shop between Kevin and Dave S.Saturday 12:07 amTMTitP
Jill and KevinSaturday 12:51 amTMTitP
Matt D.Saturday 12:51 amTMTitP
Zak, (?), (?), and Matt D.Saturday 1:08 amTMTitP
Matt N., Jill, and PeterSaturday 2:06 amTMTitP
Dave S. and Corey seek answersSaturday 2:43 amTMTitP
The bug on Corey’s monitor screenSaturday 2:44 amTMTitP
Matt N. gets in againSaturday 2:47 amTMTitP
Rock on MikeSaturday 2:47 amTMTitP
Shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.Saturday 2:47 amTMTitP
Ben F., Justin, and Matt N.Saturday 3:46 amTMTitP
Squishy gets tickled by the crewSaturday 3:58 amTMTitP
Squishy and Zak cuddle in bedSaturday 7:49 amTMTitP
Ben M. arrives from workSaturday 9:43 amTMTitP
Squishy, Matt N., and Matt D.Saturday 9:43 amTMTitP
Jill looks on as Peter digs into breakfastSaturday 8:56 amTMTitP
Kevin enjoys a “hot beef injection”Saturday 1:09 pmTMTitP
Jeff settles in next to KevinSaturday 4:12 pmTMTitP
Erica and GabeSaturday 4:23 pmTMTitP
Corey and Jeff enjoy a momentSaturday 11:46 pmTMTitP
Ben M. playing Minesweeper between questionsSunday 12:11 pmTMTitP
Luke and SquishySunday 2:20 pmTMTitP
Yes folks, 5 o’clock really was Pantsless HourSunday 5:20 pmTMTitP
Dave!Sunday 5:21 pmTMTitP
Squishy takes Pantsless Hour to the extremeSunday 6:51 pmTMTitP
Our off-campus jam team warms up in the studio (Adam and Squishy)Sunday 8:01 pmTMTitP
The off-campus jam team on the air on WLFM (l to r: Dave S., Luke, Adam, and Squishy)Sunday 8:05 pmTMTitP
Zak, Peter, and Ben M.Sunday 9:12 pmTMTitP
Dave S. checking out a siteSunday 9:13 pmTMTitP
Squishy, Molly, and Matt N. getting ready for the GarudasSunday 11:08 pmTMTitP
(?) and Ben M.Sunday 11:09 pmTMTitP
Dave S. awaits the Garudas as wellSunday 11:09 pmTMTitP
Corey and Jeff work on a GarudaSunday 11:44 pmTMTitP


Photo CaptionDay + TimePhotog
Matt N., Squishy, and the Too Much Trivia flagThursday 7:42 pmTMTitP
Geno settling down to workThursday 7:42 pmTMTitP
The pre-trivia mess, part oneThursday 7:43 pmTMTitP
The pre-trivia mess, part twoThursday 7:43 pmTMTitP
The pre-trivia mess, part threeThursday 7:43 pmTMTitP
Kristopher drinking a Blatz (Established Milwaukee 1851)Thursday 10:55 pmTMTitP
The “war chest” is starting to fill upFriday 1:02 amTMTitP
The liquor cabinet is looking good as wellFriday 1:02 amTMTitP
Squishy gets off on vacuumingFriday 6:49 pmTMTitP
The pre-trivia mess is gone, part oneFriday 6:50 pmTMTitP
The pre-trivia mess is gone, part twoFriday 6:50 pmTMTitP
Squishy flipping burgersFriday 8:24 pmTMTitP
Peter waiting for the startFriday 9:50 pmTMTitP
Orange whip!Friday 9:51 pmTMTitP
Matt N. and Dave S. wait for the next oneFriday 10:40 pmTMTitP
Brian, Sean, and (?)Friday 11:16 pmTMTitP
Sean and JeremySaturday 12:56 amTMTitP
Ben F. and ZakSaturday 12:57 amTMTitP
Dave S. waiting for the next questionSaturday 1:09 amTMTitP
LukeSaturday 1:42 amTMTitP
Crystal and PeterSaturday 1:42 amTMTitP
Corey arrives with Grain BeltSaturday 1:43 amTMTitP
Sean searching for answersSaturday 2:52 amTMTitP
Squishy gets into Mean HourSaturday 3:11 amTMTitP
The bearf*cker outside the WLFM studiosSaturday 4:41 amTMTitP
The bearf*cker inside the WLFM studiosSaturday 4:42 amTMTitP
Zak mugging for the cameraSaturday 8:48 amTMTitP
Corey dozes offSaturday 8:49 amTMTitP
Peter blinded by the flashSaturday 8:49 amTMTitP
Showing off our team’s diversitySaturday 10:29 amTMTitP
Dave S. shooting down helicoptersSaturday 2:09 pmTMTitP
Dave S. still shooting down helicoptersSaturday 7:10 pmTMTitP
Julia plays camera shySaturday 8:38 pmTMTitP
Ben M. as his phone is dyingSunday 1:55 amTMTitP
Luke returns drunkSunday 7:16 pmTMTitP
Peeking over Matt N.’s shoulderSunday 7:17 pmTMTitP
Ben M. and Zak looking for answersSunday 7:17 pmTMTitP
Squishy phones one inSunday 7:17 pmTMTitP
Jeff rocking the computerSunday 7:17 pmTMTitP
Zak passed out at his computerSunday 7:25 pmTMTitP
Squishy and the beard full of cigarettesSunday 10:40 pmTMTitP
Luke during Pantsless GarudasSunday 11:07 pmTMTitP
Corey and Ben M. during Pantsless GarudasSunday 11:08 pmTMTitP
Pantsless Squishy attacks Pantsless PeterSunday 11:08 pmTMTitP
Peter getting ready for those GarudasSunday 11:09 pmTMTitP
Jill and CrystalSunday 11:09 pmTMTitP
April strikes a poseSunday 11:10 pmTMTitP


Photo CaptionDay + TimePhotog
Peter plugging us into the “series of tubes”Thursday 7:50 pmTMTitP
Erik (Squishy) manufacturing the T-shirtsThursday 7:50 pmTMTitP
The Pants FlagThursday 7:55 pmTMTitP
Peter already checking out ratemypoo.comThursday 8:19 pmTMTitP
Sorry other teams — we have Jesus on our sideThursday 8:30 pmTMTitP
The return of Kristopher drinking a Blatz (Established Milwaukee 1851)Thursday 8:50 pmTMTitP
Peter and Matt share a titterThursday 10:26 pmTMTitP
Matt and Zak having a beerThursday 10:26 pmTMTitP
Squishy enjoying Zak’s salsaThursday 11:19 pmTMTitP
The crew gathered at Jim's Place (front: Kristopher; middle l-r: Sara (Trivia Pirates), “Uncle Jake” and Shawn (both from The InDeciders), Trixie, Jamie (Trivia Pirates), Matt N.; back l-r: Nick and Stan)Friday 9:02 pmTMTitP
Zak lighting the trivia candleFriday 10:09 pmTMTitP
Dave S., Jill, Crystal, and TomFriday 10:11 pmTMTitP
Jason (Geno), Luke, and Matt N.Friday 10:23 pmTMTitP
Corey and Dave S.Friday 11:14 pmTMTitP
Luke, Matt N., and Ben M.Friday 11:27 pmTMTitP
Crystal and JillSaturday 12:03 amTMTitP
MaraSaturday 12:22 amTMTitP
Ben M., Molly, and KristopherSaturday 1:09 amTMTitP
Mara and Matt P.Saturday 2:49 amTMTitP
Jill and TrixieSaturday 2:50 amTMTitP
Chris tellin’ it like it is while Zak looks onSaturday 2:56 amTMTitP
Squishy, Zak, and SeanSaturday 3:07 amTMTitP
Trixie and Matt P.Saturday 3:08 amTMTitP
Dave S. and JillSaturday 4:54 amTMTitP
Luke and Dave C.Saturday 5:23 amTMTitP
Dave S., Matt N., and PeterSaturday 8:54 amTMTitP
Trixie and Matt N.Saturday 10:52 amTMTitP
Lola and LukeSaturday 10:54 amTMTitP
Geno, Todd, and LukeSaturday 1:07 pmTMTitP
Matt N. and SeanSaturday 1:30 pmTMTitP
Dave S. and KristopherSaturday 2:09 pmTMTitP
Tia, Todd, Luke, and LolaSaturday 2:10 pmTMTitP
Molly and SquishySaturday 6:56 pmTMTitP
Trixie and Dave S.Saturday 9:07 pmTMTitP
Zak shortly after waking upSunday 6:20 amTMTitP
Sean taking quizzes; Corey in the backgroundSunday 9:09 amTMTitP
Trixie searches for answers with Zak passed out next to her and Molly in the backgroundSunday 9:10 amTMTitP
Molly and her toastSunday 9:11 amTMTitP
Time to empty the recycling binSunday 9:44 amTMTitP
Zak, Squishy, and Ben M. in bed togetherSunday 11:05 amTMTitP
Sean and Dave S.Sunday 2:31 pmTMTitP
Matt P. and Ben M.Sunday 2:32 pmTMTitP
Squishy, Peter, Molly, and CoreySunday 3:11 pmTMTitP
Kristopher, Trixie, and SquishySunday 3:12 pmTMTitP
Matt P., Mara, and KristopherSunday 3:13 pmTMTitP
Squishy, Trixie, Tia, and MaraSunday 3:27 pmTMTitP
Zak and ErikaSunday 3:29 pmTMTitP
Squishy, Mara, and Ben M.Sunday 5:25 pmTMTitP
Zak, Luke, and DanSunday 7:50 pmTMTitP
Squishy does Pantsless Hour soloSunday 7:51 pmTMTitP
Matt P. and TrixieSunday 7:51 pmTMTitP
Rob, Dave S., and ChrisSunday 9:14 pmTMTitP
Ben M., Corey, and Matt N.Sunday 9:14 pmTMTitP
Ben M. rides Matt P.Sunday 10:19 pmTMTitP
Jill, Corey, and Matt N.Sunday 10:20 pmTMTitP
Jill and SquishySunday 11:31 pmTMTitP
Peter, Mara, Ben M., and ChrisSunday 11:32 pmTMTitP
“METH PARTY (& Trivia)” signMonday 1:15 amTMTitP
Corey marching with The Flag down College AvenueMonday 1:22 amTMTitP


Photo CaptionDay + TimePhotog
Dignan Guy with the CheeseballsThursday 11:31 pmTMTitP
Matt N. with Zak passing the Cheeseballs behind himFriday 11:07 pmTMTitP
Peter arrivesFriday 11:55 pmTMTitP
Agnes and ChrisFriday 11:56 pmTMTitP
Luke, Ben M., and Jason (Geno)Saturday 12:18 amTMTitP
Matt N., Mara, and Dave C.Saturday 12:39 amTMTitP
Luke throwing CheeseballsSaturday 1:31 amTMTitP
Jill on the receiving end of said Cheeseballs, with Chris nearbySaturday 1:31 amTMTitP
Cheeseballs almost half-empty as Chris digs in for moreSaturday 1:46 amTMTitP
Dave C., Ben M., and Geno share a laughSaturday 3:06 amTMTitP
Chris takes a restSaturday 3:25 amTMTitP
Jill and ZakSaturday 3:26 amTMTitP
Geno lies down for a momentSaturday 4:19 amTMTitP
The Great Trivia Facial Hair Experiment: Stage 1Saturday 6:10 amTMTitP
The Great Trivia Facial Hair Experiment: Stage 2Saturday 6:15 amTMTitP
LukeSaturday 6:44 amTMTitP
Ben M. mugs for Geno’s funky cameraSaturday 6:57 amTMTitP
Good morning, Mara!Saturday 9:28 amTMTitP
Good morning, Zak!Saturday 9:28 amTMTitP
Geno, Dave C., and Ben M. between questionsSaturday 10:55 amTMTitP
Pantsless Luke phones one inSaturday 12:51 pmTMTitP
Dave C. kicks backSaturday 12:52 pmTMTitP
Geno measures the distance between himself and ZakSaturday 1:39 pmTMTitP
Trixie is on the caseSaturday 3:59 pmTMTitP
Chris reacts to 2Girls1Cup.comSaturday 5:10 pmTMTitP
What’s up, Matt N.?Saturday 6:42 pmTMTitP
The Great Trivia Facial Hair Experiment: Stage 3Saturday 7:06 pmTMTitP
Luke’s one-man trivia dance partySaturday 10:38 pmTMTitP
Trixie and Matt searching for answersSunday 1:05 amTMTitP
Zak measures the distance between himself and Corey’s lunchSunday 10:55 amTMTitP
Mara begins the Sunday Times crosswordSunday 11:03 amTMTitP
Mara completes the Sunday Times crosswordSunday 12:10 pmTMTitP
Corey, Ben M., and ZakSunday 1:16 pmTMTitP
Mara, Luke, and the CheeseballsSunday 1:16 pmTMTitP
The Great Trivia Facial Hair Experiment: Stage 4Sunday 1:35 pmTMTitP
The Great Trivia Facial Hair Experiment: The Final StageSunday 8:35 pmTMTitP
Ben F. and ChrisSunday 8:47 pmTMTitP
Peter, Ben M., and ZakSunday 8:47 pmTMTitP
Mara and her momSunday 8:55 pmTMTitP
Tia and Luke debate as Alex looks onSunday 9:12 pmTMTitP
Luke, Matt, Corey, Ben M., and Zak waiting for the GarudasSunday 9:59 pmTMTitP
Matt, Corey, Ben M., and Zak still waiting for the GarudasSunday 10:57 pmTMTitP
Yes, Mara, youMonday 12:13 amTMTitP
Ben F. and Chris between questionsMonday 12:14 amTMTitP
Spontaneous Garuda Dance PartyMonday 12:14 amTMTitP
Ben M. marches with the Pants Flag as Jamie and Trixie follow behindMonday 1:27 amTMTitP
Luke takes a swig of PremiumThursday nightBen M.
Luke poses with the Pants FlagThursday nightBen M.
Luke passed out at PerkinsThursday nightBen M.
Kristopher and ChrisFriday nightBen M.
Dave C. snaps a photo of Ben M. photographing him while Zak watchesFriday nightBen M.
Luke gropes Dave C.Friday nightBen M.
Kristopher and ChrisFriday nightBen M.
Luke’s Own CheeseballsSaturday morningBen M.
The sign on the front doorSunday nightBen M.
Molly completed the Sunday Times crossword while waiting for the GarudasSunday nightMolly


Photo CaptionDay + TimePhotog
Awww … it’s CallieThursday 10:07 pmTMTitP
Good evening, Comrade MatthewThursday 10:08 pmTMTitP
Ben M. under attack from Zak and Luke, but Callie just watchesThursday 11:32 pmTMTitP
A sensitive moment between Man and Panda-manThursday 11:34 pmTMTitP
Mara comes to Ben’s rescue … with a sandwichThursday 11:36 pmTMTitP
Sure, now Callie is willing to help (finish the sandwich)Thursday 11:37 pmTMTitP
Sign on the bathroom doorFriday 9:36 pmTMTitP
Dave C., Matt D., Dustin, and Ben M.Friday 9:45 pmTMTitP
Matt N. awaiting the first questionFriday 9:46 pmTMTitP
Peter’s hereFriday 11:35 pmTMTitP
Matt N. and Ben F.Friday 11:56 pmTMTitP
Matt D., Peter, Tia, and Matt N.Saturday 12:25 amTMTitP
Emily, Kyle, and Ben M. with Travis and Navin behind themSaturday 1:06 amTMTitP
Geno (Jason) takes residence on the floorSaturday 1:06 amTMTitP
This one is dedicated to the 40s!Saturday 1:07 amTMTitP
Matt N. and DustinSaturday 1:07 amTMTitP
We love our cheeseballs, part 1Saturday 3:31 amTMTitP
We love our cheeseballs, part 2Saturday 3:32 amTMTitP
We love our cheeseballs, part 3Saturday 3:32 amTMTitP
Dave C., Trixie, and DustinSaturday 4:48 amTMTitP
Three Matts and a BenSaturday 4:48 amTMTitP
Navin, Matt N., and Dave S.Saturday 10:02 amTMTitP
Matt N., Dave S., and CoreySaturday 10:02 amTMTitP
Travis, restingSaturday 10:02 amTMTitP
Zak going hands-freeSaturday 12:30 pmTMTitP
Chris between questionsSaturday 12:031 pmTMTitP
Corey and Panda-manSaturday 1:03 pmTMTitP
Chris, Dave W., and Matt N.Saturday 2:21 pmTMTitP
Ben M. and Geno display the pants cookiesSaturday 3:19 pmTMTitP
Dave W. refuelsSaturday 7:17 pmTMTitP
Sean makes an appearanceSaturday 7:17 pmTMTitP
Matt N., Corey, and Peter share a titterSaturday 9:57 pmTMTitP
Panda-man takes a napSaturday 10:03 pmTMTitP
Matt N., Corey, Navin, and PeterSaturday 10:03 pmTMTitP
(Clockwise from upper-left:) Dave C., Emily, Ben M., and KyleSaturday 10:05 pmTMTitP
Dustin phoning one inSunday 3:10 amTMTitP
Mara and LukeSunday 11:57 amTMTitP
Kyle, Emily, and Dave C.Sunday 11:57 amTMTitP
Dave S. and Matt N.Sunday 2:25 pmTMTitP
“Easter Eggs” discovered Monday beneath the coffeetableMonday 2:12 pmTMTitP
Luke’s sign on the front doorMonday 2:41 pmTMTitP


Photo CaptionDay + TimePhotog
Matt N. waiting for trivia to beginFriday 9:57 pmTMTitP
Ben M. and KerriFriday 9:57 pmTMTitP
Kenn and HeatherFriday 9:58 pmTMTitP
Cheese Balls, 2010 EditionFriday 10:06 pmTMTitP
Sean the Dancing Hot DogFriday 11:46 pmTMTitP
Sean struggles with his coatSaturday 12:28 amTMTitP
Corey!Saturday 1:51 amTMTitP
Kyle working the phonesSaturday 3:20 amTMTitP
Meanwhile, in the basement, a little NHL ’94Saturday 3:20 amTMTitP
MacGyver!Saturday 3:22 amTMTitP
Rock ItSaturday 6:05 amTMTitP
And now here’s your hat backSaturday 6:05 amTMTitP
Kyle concentrating deeplySaturday 7:54 amTMTitP
Sean fixing the clogged bathroom sinkSaturday 9:16 amTMTitP
Matt N. and Corey, Saturday morningSaturday 9:17 amTMTitP
Aboo, our Bear Hour mascotSaturday 10:02 amTMTitP
Life returns to the War RoomSaturday 11:40 amTMTitP
MealtimeSaturday 4:26 pmTMTitP
One Kenn, One Computer, One Cheese BallSaturday 4:27 pmTMTitP
Sean Clowning Around During Clown HourSaturday 6:32 pmTMTitP
Dale and Matt L. working the late shiftSaturday 11:30 pmTMTitP
What up, McCoy?Saturday 11:30 pmTMTitP
Kerri and PeterSaturday 11:30 pmTMTitP
Alice and Ben M. return from patronizing our sponsorSunday 3:03 amTMTitP
Ben M. and Kerri prepare for pugilismSunday 3:03 amTMTitP
Ben M. has a sobering moment with the FlagSunday 3:05 amTMTitP
Ben M. and LukeSunday 11:14 amTMTitP
Good afternoon, CoreySunday 3:51 pmTMTitP
Kenn and MollySunday 3:52 pmTMTitP
Waiting for the GarrudasSunday 3:22 amTMTitP
A little High Life before the Garrudas never hurts!Sunday 11:02 pmTMTitP
Marching down College Avenue with the FlagMonday 1:38 amTMTitP


Photo CaptionDay + TimePhotog
Sean and Kristopher with the verboten Four LokoFriday 9:53 pmTMTitP
Trixie digging out her dinnerFriday 10:29 pmTMTitP
Dave S. and SeanFriday 10:30 pmTMTitP
Ben M. extracting last year’s final cheeseballFriday 10:36 pmTMTitP
I’m having second thoughts…Friday 10:36 pmTMTitP
It’s mushy!Friday 10:37 pmTMTitP
Trixie with the Billy Dee Wiliams-endorsed Colt 45Friday 10:39 pmTMTitP
Squishy’s back! (With Heather and Dave S.)Friday 11:03 pmTMTitP
Ben M. and GregSaturday 12:11 amTMTitP
Dave S., Kaz, and DaleSaturday 12:30 amTMTitP
Luke kickin’ back and rockin’ the ’stache socksSaturday 12:34 amTMTitP
Alanna in the hotdog costumeSaturday 12:42 amTMTitP
Kerri and TrixieSaturday 1:21 amTMTitP
Ben M. going through Squishy to get to AlannaSaturday 1:32 amTMTitP
Woah! Impromptu dance party!Saturday 1:32 amTMTitP
The look on Squishy’s face says it allSaturday 1:32 amTMTitP
Sean suiting up in the hotdog costumeSaturday 2:25 amTMTitP
Matt N., Corey, and CrystalSaturday 6:17 amTMTitP
Dave S. and Sean, back from answering phones, watching Jell-o wrestlingSaturday 6:56 amTMTitP
Matt N. and Dale silhouetted by the afternoon sunSaturday 1:10 pmTMTitP
Chris and SeanSaturday 4:26 pmTMTitP
Sarah B., Alanna, Ben M., and LukeSaturday 6:10 pmTMTitP
Dave S. and Erik P.Saturday 8:42 pmTMTitP
(l. to r.): Bryan, Alanna, Kerri, Ben M., and ChrisSaturday 8:43 pmTMTitP
Thumbs up, Kaz!Saturday 8:43 pmTMTitP
CoreySaturday 8:43 pmTMTitP
Emperor SquishySunday 1:22 pmTMTitP
Squishy laughing so hard he’s almost in tearsSunday 6:26 pmTMTitP
The Thinking Caps and DaleSunday 11:10 pmTMTitP
Dave S., Erik P., and CoreySunday 11:11 pmTMTitP
Let’s finish off those cheeseballs!Sunday 11:11 pmTMTitP
Kenn and SquishySunday 11:12 pmTMTitP
And then there was one…Sunday 11:12 pmTMTitP